A few services HVAC provides to our architects are listed below, these services ensure clarity and save the architect time and money when working with us through a job:

  • Provide specification reviewed drawings
  • Recommend cost-saving HVAC equipment that doesn't lose the aesthetic of the buildings exterior appearance
  • Offer space-saving equipment options to capitalize on the buildings area
  • Provide project management to ensure equipment is delivered in a timely manner
  • Give educated tips on the newest technologies for all HVAC equipment


HVAC provides same-day responses to our engineers from equipment selections and AutoCAD shop drawings, to specification reviews and general inquiries. We customize our equipment to meet your requirement. In addition, HVAC provides factory tours to educate our clients on the latest and greatest technologies, they are shown tests and demonstrations to prove the engineers specifications are attainable.

Building Owners

Apart from new construction, HVAC also specializes in replacing existing equipment. We have trained technicians to provide start-up and tear-downs if needed. Furthermore, our sales team is able to help you find the best piece of equipment to meet your building's needs as far as energy consumption, budget, efficiency, and time constraints. HVAC strives to be a vital partner with building owners to ensure equipment is operating properly with maximum efficiency.

Facilities Maintenance

We understand that the maintenance members insight needs to be considered when not only fixing equipment, but the design of new equipment being installed. After the system is installed or fixed, we have our service technicians available for any further questions or concerns. Our service techs often build relationships with the maintenance crews, as they know the building's personnel better than anyone and recognize what needs to be done to meet their needs.

General Contractors

Estimators, project managers, and construction teams are all people of whom our technical sales team work with to ensure a profitable and satisfactory outcome when a job is finished. Our General Contractors work with many sub-contractors and other contributors to ensure the building owner receives a good return on his/her asset. We help our General Contractors to understand some of the considerations. Some of these considerations include: the weight and maintenance accessibility of equipment placement, the significances of interior and exterior location of HVAC equipment components, and the need for power and electricity for the HVAC systems to run efficiently.

Mechanical Contractors

Once HVAC has been awarded a job, there are a few things we ensure for our contractors:

  • Our shop drawings and submittals are clear and organized with line-by-line specification reviews on all products
  • Customizable ship dates and schedules can be arranged
  • Job site visits to assure product quality
  • Our service side provides start-ups and tear-downs